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Make sure your information stays current, so your church can continue to reach out to you! Manage your contact and profile information, as well as your household information, from the profile and settings.

To update your information in Me, go to My profile & settings to view your contact information, household, and preferences. Update these settings to personalize your profile and make your Church Center experience fit your needs.


Contact and Profile Information

Add or update your email address, phone number, and mailing address, as well as your gender, school name, marital status, anniversary date, medical notes, and profile picture.



For security purposes, you can not change locked fields, like your name and birthday. Please contact your church administrator if the information in one of these fields is incorrect. 

Household Information

You can view your household information in this section. Any household adult can also update profiles for household members.


You can not edit household members, names, grades, or birthdates. Your church administrator can make those changes.


In addition to updating information for you and your household, you can also manage various app preferences in Me, including how you receive notifications.

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