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Share Information with People in the Directory

A directory is a private place for the people in your church to share their contact information. If you've been invited to your church's directory, you can see the directory and share your information as well as the information of your household members.


Only your church's administrators can set up the directory, set the parameters of the contact information, and invite people.

Share Information

Log into Church Center using the email address the invite was sent to, and go to the directory, where you'll see a banner requesting that you share your information.

Check the box next to each person in your household you'd like to list in the directory and choose the information shown on their profile.

You can even add a household photo.

Select Update, and your information will be accessible on the directory for others with access.

Choose Remove all to remove yourself and your household from the directory.

Change Shared Information

To edit the information shared for you or anyone in your household, go to your Directory profile.

If your information has changed and you need to update it, you can do that from your profile.

Contact Other Members

Reach out to other members in the directory from their profile. Select Contact, and then type the message you'd like to send.


If you don't see a way to contact the individual, they may not have shared their contact information.

The message is sent to their primary email address, and any replies will go to your primary email address.

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