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A directory is a private place for the people in your church to share their contact information. If you've been invited to your church's directory, you can see the directory and share your information as well as the information of your household members.


Only your church's Administrators can set up the directory, set the parameters of the contact information, and invite people.

Once invited to the Directory, sharing your information is a quick and easy process!

  1. Log into Church Center using the email address the invite was sent to.

  2. Go to the Directory page.

  3. Click the Share it now link.

  4. Check the box next to each person in your household that you'd like to be listed in the Directory.

  5. Check the box next to each point of information you'd like to share for each individual.

  6. Add a household photo.

  7. Click Join directory.

    join directory_arrow.png

To edit the information shared for you or anyone in your household, click the Edit shared information link at the top of the directory.

ccw_edit shared details_arrow.png

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