Connect with Your Group

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On your group's page, you can communicate with other group members, view the schedule of events, and access member information to reach out to others personally.


Some groups may not have messaging or group member information accessible. Those settings are managed by the group leader.


From the Messages tab, you can see any channels to discuss information with other members.


Mark messages as read or unread and mute or unmute messages.

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On the Events tab, you can view upcoming events, including their date, time, and location.

Add these to your calendar by tapping Actions, then Subscribe to group Calendar.

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Member Information

You can see other members' contact information on the Members tab if they've made it visible. You can also choose what information you want to make visible.

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Share Your Information

You can manage the information you share with other group members.


By default, your name will be shared with other group members. You can not hide your name if messaging is enabled for your group.

Group leaders can see all your contact information, regardless of your shared information settings.

On your group's page, go to the Members tab and select Edit visible info under your name.


Only group leaders will see the Email group button at the top of the Members tab in Church Center.

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Select the information you would like to be available for other group members. Check Apply to all groups to share this same information selection with all your groups.

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Select Save to apply changes.

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