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Me allows you to view and manage your schedule, activities, and organizations in one place. If your church hasn't set this as your home page, you can access it by selecting your profile icon in the top left.



You can update your profile and preferences from the Me page anytime!

My Schedule

The My schedule section shows your upcoming events, including those you have been scheduled for, bookmarked from the Calendar, or coordinated with your groups.

  1. Use the Actions menu to add blockout dates to your schedule or email your team leader.

  2. Available signup sheets and requests are in the Requests section.

  3. You can view your schedule chronologically and filter based on the events you want to see.

    • Your bookmarked events

    • Confirmed requests from your church (including the service type, position, and team you're assigned to)

    • Your block out dates and times (including the reason given)

    • Your group events (including the name of the event, the group name, and your RSVP status)

    • Upcoming signups you registered for as an attendee (including your chosen selection)


      All other registrations can be found by selecting My registrations, including registrations for your other household members, any that were started but are unconfirmed, and registrations you are the registration contact for, even simple signups.

To filter your schedule, tap View all to open the full view of My Schedule.


Tap Schedule (All) to edit or reset schedule filters.

Activity & Involvement

This section is where you'll see your Groups, My registrations, and My giving.


My Organizations

The My Organizations section shows the churches you've connected with your account. Select an organization's name to change which church you're viewing in Church Center or select + Add to add new organizations.


Log out

To log out, tap the organization you are logged into as indicated by the green checkbox and follow the prompts.


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