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Church Center is a mobile app and website where your church provides all kinds of things for you! Every church is different, but you may be able to find a small group, check in your kids, register for events, donate, and more from Church Center. It's available as a free mobile download for Android or iOS.

Church Center uses passwordless login, which is more secure than a traditional username and password combination. Once you log in to the web experience, you remain logged in unless you are inactive for 14 days, and then you can log in again. You stay logged in indefinitely on mobile.

  1. Search for your church by name or location, or use your current location if you're near your church. Select your church from the search results.


    If you are using a computer, your church can give you a direct URL so that you can skip this step!


    Select your church by tapping it.

  2. Enter your phone number (mobile app) or email address (web), and select Next.

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  3. Paste the six-digit verification code from your email or text messages into the text box, and then select Next.

  4. Verify your name appears on the welcome screen, and then select the Log in button.



    If your church doesn't recognize your email address or you click Not you?, you'll be prompted to add your name to complete your profile.

Link Your Accounts

You can connect to multiple churches and change which church you're viewing in Church Center without logging out.

Add Church

From your profile, scroll down to the My organizations section and tap + Add, which will allow you to search for your other church.


After selecting your church from the search results, log in to see your profile.

Switch Between Churches

If you have more than one church connected to your account, you can switch between them from your profile. To change which church you're viewing in Church Center, scroll down to My organization on your profile page and select the desired church.



If you select log out, you will be logged out from all linked churches regardless of which church you're currently viewing.

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