Notification Preferences

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If you want an alternative to emails for scheduling requests, group RSVPs, or announcements from your church, you can receive notifications directly from Church Center! If you have push notifications enabled on your device, you'll see them directly on your device.

Access Notifications

To access notifications, select the bell next to your profile picture. You'll see a red dot on the bell if you have unread notifications.


Your unread notifications are at the top, sorted by date. Select a notification to read the message, take an action, or access a resource.


Set Notification Preferences

You can set preferences for Services, Giving, and Group notifications from your Church Center profile.

To access your notification preferences, tap your profile picture or initials in the upper right corner and select My profile & settings. Scroll down and select Notifications.


In Notification Preferences, you can manage various types of notifications.

  1. Set your Services notifications to Church Center or the Services mobile app.

  2. By default, you'll receive an emailed receipt each time you donate. You can turn this setting off.


    If you want to receive donation receipts at an email address that isn't listed, add it to your profile.

  3. Select a group and set your notification preferences for that group.

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