New: Church Center web links now automatically open in the app

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Church Center App now automatically recognizes links! 

In the past, if you wanted links to open for your congregants directly in the Church Center app, you'd need to use our URL Schemes. However, this wasn't ideal for folks that didn't have the app installed — those links wouldn't work at all. Now, you no longer have to manage multiple links for your app and non-app congregants. Share your links, and as your congregants interact with them, the app will automatically open to the right Church Center app view for congregants with Church Center app installed! The experience for congregants without Church Center app is unchanged—those links will open in the browser as before.

For iOS users, this feature utilizes Universal Links. For Android users, App Links are used.

URL Schemes will continue to work, but we recommend moving away from those and using Church Center Web URLs instead.

NOTE: Congregants won't see this behavior until they update their Church Center app or re-install the app manually.

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