New: Church Center App v2021.7.19

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・Improved: New menu in My Services for assigning blockouts for your household or email leaders of the teams you are assigned to
・Improved: My Services Plan Detail screen has a new menu for confirming or declining a position
・Improved: Formatting and icon for My Services notifications
・Fixed: CCW links to My Services were loading in the in-app browser
・Fixed: Overriding a split team response in My Services was failing
・Fixed: Biometric toggle was cropped from screen (Android)
・Fixed: Back button on notifications opened from the inbox was going to home instead of the inbox
・Fixed: CCW links to directory views wouldn't load the correct view
・Fixed: CCW links to the Registrations index wouldn't detect the campus or category filter
・Fixed: Tapping on a notification would sometimes cause a crash
・Fixed: Notifications that arrived while the app was inactive would sometimes trigger a logout
・Fixed: Error that would sometimes display after RSVPing for a Group event
・Other fixes and improvements

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