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Give with a Bank Account

You can give using your bank account to take advantage of lower processing fees incurred by ACH donations.


Giving with a bank account (EFT) is not currently supported in Canada or New Zealand.

Add Your Bank Account as a Payment Method

On the Payment Methods tab, select Add a new payment method, and then choose US bank account/AU Direct Debit. Use one of the available verification methods to verify your account.


Once your bank account is verified, you can use it for donations. 

US Bank Accounts

US bank accounts can be used for donations only after they have been verified. Verify your bank account by logging into your bank account (instant verification) or manual verification, depending on which is available for your bank.


If you cannot verify a savings account, use a checking account instead.

Log In to Your Bank Account

Choose US bank account, select your account, and then choose Add payment method. Follow the prompts to log in to your bank account.

bank account_us bank account.png

If you can't find your bank account from the list, select Enter bank details manually instead to verify your bank account with micro-deposits.

Use Manual Verification

US donors who can't log in to their accounts can use manual verification to verify their bank accounts. Manual verification involves entering your bank details, receiving a micro-deposit from Stripe, and entering the received code. 

Where you select your bank account, choose Enter bank details manually instead, and then enter the routing and account numbers to begin verifying the account.



After entering your bank details in the Stripe modal, don't forget to select Add payment method (web) or Set up (app) back in Church Center to fully initiate the verification process. 

After you receive the micro-deposit from Stripe, go to My giving and select Verify account, where you can enter the SM-code (6 characters starting with SM) listed in the statement descriptor of the $0.01 deposited into your bank account.

ccw_payment methods bank verification.png

AU Direct Debit

Choose AU Direct Debit, enter your account information, and then choose Add payment method.


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