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Manage Household Members

If one of your family members gets a new phone number, your child changes schools, or you have someone new in your household, you may want to update that information in Church Center to keep your church up-to-date!


You cannot update contact information for household members with administrator access in Planning Center. Administrators must update their own contact information.

To view your current household members, go to My profile & settings and select Household.

Add or Remove Household Members

You can add and remove household members from the Household page.


If you remove a household member, their profile still exists in the church database, but they won't be able to see your household when they log in.

Edit Profile Information for Household Members

You can update certain profile information for your household members in Church Center; however, you can not change locked fields, like a person's name or birthday, for security purposes.


Please contact your church administrator if information in a locked profile field needs to be updated.

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