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How to Handle Visitors

Visitors come to your group in all kinds of ways. Some may find the group online and just show up; some might come as guests of your group members or be invited by a leader. You can make a note of a visitor and add them to the count of your group, or you can invite the visitor to join your group!

Make a Note About the Visitor

When visitors are just coming to check things out, they may not be ready to join the group. Track their attendance with the visitor count at the bottom of the attendance sheet, and add a note with any details they share.

Add the number of visitors to the Visitor count at the bottom of the attendance report to have an accurate count of the attendance.


Leave a note with details about the visitor.


Invite the Visitor to Join

If the visitor wants to join the group, you can use a QR code, or send a text or email to them.

From the Members tab, tap Add, which will give you the option to send an email or text to the visitor, or they can scan the QR code and join!


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