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View Attendance Reports

As a group leader, you want to stay on top of how your members engage with your group and identify who you may need to follow up with. Use your group's attendance report to see attendance trends and percentages over time to do this and monitor your group's health!


Attendance reports are available for any group with at least one event where attendance was submitted.

From the Events tab of your group, select the attendance report banner to see an attendance overview for the last few events.

The report shows the attendance percentage for each member next to their name. The dots beneath their names represent scheduled events.

  • Green dots with a check mark: The event was attended.

  • Red dots with X: The event was not attended.

  • Gray hashed-out dot: The event was canceled.

  • Gray dot with a question mark: Attendance was not submitted for the scheduled event.

Filter and Sort Attendance Report

By default, the attendance report shows members with the lowest attendance percentage first because they're the ones that you may want to follow up with. However, you can filter and sort the report to reorganize the summary based on what's most important to you or go to a member's profile to see attendance data specific to them.

  1. Choose a timeframe to measure the attendance percentages.


    Adjusting the timeframe does not change the number of event dots on the report. To see a complete attendance breakdown for an individual, go to a group member's profile.

  2. Sort your members by activity or name.

  3. Select a member to view their contact information and attendance history for the year.

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