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Group Messaging on Church Center

You can communicate with your group using the Church Center web browser and mobile app if messaging has been enabled! To view or send messages to your group, find your group in Church Center.

Create a New Message

In the Messages tab of your group, select New.

Add the title and body of your message and select Send.


You can not add images when creating a message, but you can add them in replies.


When posting an announcement or prayer request, uncheck the Allow replies box if you don't want people to add comments.

Manage Messages

Once messages are created, you can mark them as unread/read, mute them, or delete them.

Mark Messages as Read (Mobile App Only)

You can mark a message as unread to restore the notification to remind you to review it.

  • Swipe right to mark a read message as unread.

  • Swipe right on an unread message to mark it as read.

mark as unread.gif

Mute Message (Mobile App Only)

You can continue to allow people to reply to a message but mute notifications for yourself.

  • Swipe left on a message to mute it.

  • Swipe left on a muted message to unmute it.


When you mute a message, a crescent moon icon appears by it. The moon icon turns blue when there is unread activity on the message.


Delete Messages

You can delete messages from the Church Center mobile app or web browser. While group members can only delete messages they've created, leaders can delete any message within a group they lead.

Replies and Reactions

Once a message has been created, group members and leaders can send replies, add images using the image icon (up to ten at a time), or use the heart icon to leave an emoji reaction within that thread.


Video files cannot be sent as replies; however, GIFs and hyperlinks are supported.

Turn Off Replies

You can turn off replies to a topic you created to stop people from commenting on that topic.

Choose Disable replies from the menu icon in the top right the message.

Delete Replies

Members can only delete their own replies, but leaders can delete any replies within the groups they lead.

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