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Chat on Church Center

You can communicate with your groups and Services teams using Church Center if chat has been enabled! 

  • Groups can start conversations and chat using the Church Center mobile app and web browser.

  • Services teams can only chat using the Church Center and Services mobile apps.


    Conversations with Services teams can only be started from the Services mobile app or Planning Center toolbar.

Create a New Group Conversation 

To begin chatting with your group, start a conversation! Each group can have up to 100 conversations. When the 101st conversation starts, the oldest conversation is removed and cannot be recovered.

Manage Chats

Once a conversation has started, group members can send replies, gifs, videos (up to 50MB), and images (a maximum of 10 at a time).


Messages are limited to 4979 characters.

Conversations can be muted, edited, or deleted.

  • Anyone can mute a conversation for themselves, but members can only edit or delete conversations they started or their own replies.

  • Leaders can edit or delete any conversation or message in any group or team chat.

Mute or Freeze Conversations

Group leaders or the members who started the chat can freeze a conversation to stop replies to it. If just one member wants to stop notifications for the chat when replies are still allowed, that member can mute the conversation just for themselves.

React to or Delete Replies

You can react to or remove specific messages in the chat. While members can only delete messages they've created, leaders can delete any message in any conversation for their teams or groups. Anyone can copy or react to any message with an emoji.

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