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You may run into situations where you are unable to register for an event. Check out the section below that matches the message displayed to better understand why you cannot register for the event.

Not on Sale Status

An event is listed as Not on sale if no public selections are available. If you'd like to register for the event, contact an administrator at your church.


Registration Closed

A registration listed as closed is not currently accepting new registrations. Check with your church to ask if registrations are still being accepted.


Selection Listed as Full

If a free selection reaches its maximum capacity, it will show as Full.


Signup Full

If all selections of a free signup reach their capacities, the entire signup will appear as Full.


Selection Showing Sold Out

If a selection that requires payment is at capacity, it will show as Sold Out. Choose another available selection to continue registering.


Signup Sold Out

A signup listed as Sold Out has reached its total capacity and no longer accepts additional registrations.


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