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Manage Your Registration Information and Make Payments

You may have a remaining balance, extra forms, or lingering questions to answer after your initial signup. You can update most of your registration from Church Center by logging in; however, you may need to contact an administrator for some changes.

How do I know if I have remaining items?

From My Registrations, you can see any registrations that need attention. Select the dropdown to see what you need to do to complete your registration.


Complete Missing Forms

Select Edit in the Registration questions section to change your answers.

edit registration questions.gif

Select the links under Additional forms. You might need to print the form.



Links to these additional forms can also be found in your confirmation email.

Pay Balance

Select Make payment, enter your card details, and choose to pay your balance in full or another partial amount.


Select Make payment again to complete the transaction.

Change Add-ons and Selections

If you need to change your add-ons or selections for a signup, an administrator must make this change. Contact the person at the bottom of your confirmation email to request changes.


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