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Take or Update Attendance

Leaders and designated members can take attendance by following the link in their attendance email or using Church Center.

Take Attendance

From an event in Church Center, tap Take attendance.



If you don't see the button to take attendance, tap Actions and select View past events.

  1. Tap the Notes button to add a note.

  2. Use the A-Z button to sort by first or last name.

  3. Tap Add member to invite a person to join the group by QR code, email, or text.

  4. If you have visitors, include them in your visitor count.

Select the people who attended the event and tap Submit.

Allow Members to Take Attendance

To allow members to take attendance, go to the Members tab, tap their name, and toggle Can take attendance under Permissions.


Once you give someone permission to take attendance, they will:

  • Receive attendance emails

  • Be able to take and modify attendance

  • Be able to leave notes

  • Be able to modify the visitor count

Modify Attendance

Go to the Event page and select Update to make changes to the attendance list.

APPupdate past event_arrow.png

Update Attendance

To update attendance for a past event, select Actions and choose View past events.

APPpast events_arrow.png

Choose the event you'd like to modify, then select Update to adjust the attendance.

APPupdate past event_arrow.png

Add or remove checkmarks next to the people who attended and select Done.

APPupdate attendance done_arrow.jpeg


Attendance can also be updated on the Admin side in Groups by going to the event and selecting Modify Attendance.

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