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Add or Remove a Member

A leader can add someone to their group by text, email, or QR code. Depending on the group's settings, the person will immediately join as a member or submit a Request to join for you to approve.

Add Members

You can add members from your group's Members tab.

You can also add members while taking attendance for an event by selecting Add member.

Have the person scan the QR code to join the group or send an invite by email or text.

Manage Membership Requests

If someone requests to join your group, you can review their request and either add them or reject the request by deleting it.

Remove Members

While members can leave a group at any time, there may be instances when you need to remove a member from the group.


Removed members still appear on the attendance roster for past events.

From the Members tab, select Member Info next to the person you wish to remove.


If the group has less than 20 members and group messaging is enabled for Church Center, a removed group member will show as "left the group" on the Messages tab.

APP message notification (member added/removed).png

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