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Enable Church Center for an Event

People attending your church can use the Church Center App to pre-check in themselves and their family members. This process will generate a QR code, which they can scan at a Check-Ins station to have labels printed.


Do you want to teach your congregants how to check in with Church Center? This article will show them how!

From the event, enable the ability to show the event in Church Center.


If you don't have Allow Complete Check-In checked, the event will show at the beginning of the day of the event, which allows people to pre-check as early as they want. It won't be dictated by the show-at time. To complete their check-in, they will have to scan the QR code at a station.

If you want people to be able to check in without scanning a QR code, enable Allow Complete Check-In. You can then also set the event to be hidden until the show-at time.


If you're not seeing a way to enable Church Center, an Organization Administrator may need to set it up for your account.


Can't Find a Specific Person to Check In

For a congregant to check in a person, the person must be in the congregant's household. Trusted people cannot see the children they are authorized for on Church Center and will have to check in another way.

For Registration events using the integration between Check-Ins and Registrations, a person must be registered for the event to be checked in.

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