Managing Church Center Features

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After enabling the products you want to use in Church Center, you can publish or enable individual features, events, and groups from the Admin side of Planning Center. 

Church Center doesn't have a separate page for People forms, but you can embed or link a form to your main site.

The table below describes what you can do from the Admin side to update what shows on your Church Center pages.

Church Center page What's on the page? What can be updated in the product? Link for more details
Check-ins Check-in option for families (app only)

Set up events for people to check in to.

Check-ins Page
Giving Online donation form
  • Enable or disable credit card donations and Apple Pay.
  • Disable the option for donors to cover donation processing fees (US only). 
  • Control visibility of funds that donors can donate to.
Giving Page
Groups List of groups to join
  • Update the list of groups that displays.
  • Edit the public information that shows for a specific group.
  • Enable group messaging.
Groups Page
Signups List of events you can sign up for
  • Edit event campuses and categories in Registrations.
  • Update information displayed about individual events.
Signups Page
Calendar  Calendar of church events Edit events that appear on the calendar. Calendar Page
Directory Contact information for people who have opted in to the directory
  • Choose the information displayed for each person in the directory.
  • Invite people to join the directory.
Directory Page

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