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Church Center is a mobile app and web experience where your congregation can explore, engage, and get involved throughout the week.

Church Center allows your church members to manage their profile information, donations, events they've registered for, and groups they attend or lead. They can also view a church calendar or directory and fill out forms.

In addition to the built-in functionality of Church Center, you can make it your own and connect with your congregation in unique ways by creating your own custom content with Planning Center Publishing.

Key Concepts

Church Center is not a standalone product. It is the public-facing interface to the Planning Center People, Groups, Giving, Registrations, Calendar, and Check-ins products that you are subscribed to.

  • Church Center web provides your congregation access to your church's directory, groups, registrations, donation form, and church calendar.

  • Church Center app has the same functionality as the web version, plus access to Check-Ins. The app can be downloaded for free to an iOS or Android device.

  • Navigation is how people will get around the mobile app or website.

  • Profiles hold people's contact information, directory settings, and giving information. They can also see their groups and event registrations.

Church Center Pages

You can choose which Planning Center products and features to add to your Church Center site.




Your church's calendar of events is posted for people to review.


Church members can check in to services or events using the Church Center app.


A People form can be embedded or linked to the Church Center site.


Congregants are allowed to share their information and control what details they share with others.


Church members can donate and update their giving preferences online.


People can view available groups, and group members can access event information and message other group members.


Event information is posted and people can register online.

Next Steps

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